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News Bytes and Bits.com was originally set up to raise money for surgery to save Vers's life and help her walk again. Since its inception, NBB continues growing in popularity. But as NBB grows, the erosion of Vera's pelvis continues progressing towards her spine and her death. We are still far from our goal of $20,000 to cover the surgery and her enormous medical expenses. If you are able, won't you please take a moment to make even a small contribution to save Vera's life. If you do not want to make a purchase, this is Vera's GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/HelpReplaceErodingPelvis

Thank you for visiting NBB. I hope you find the site informative and useful.

Following is Vera's story. Not previously included (at Vera's request) is the largest contributing factor to her condition. The doctor who originally treated Vera, made an error and severely damaged her hip joint and the surrounding pelvic bone. He tried to cover it up by confining Vera in a full body cast for one year. During that time, her hip joint and the surrounding pelvic bone deteriorated beyond repair. She was a 12-year-old child at the time. Two surgical attempts were attempted to relieve her pain and with the hope she might be able to walk again. Both operations failed. Vera's story continues below.

An accident and five failed surgeries left Vera unable to walk, and with an eroding pelvis. The erosion continues to spread, and when it reaches her spine, she will die. A new surgical procedure, successfully performed in the UK, Germany and now in the United States, can remove the eroded section of Vera's pelvis and replace it with a section produced from artificial bone. After all the surgical failures and the destruction of her pelvis, Vera needs a highly skilled surgeon to perform her next operation. She found a doctor with the New York Hospital for Special Surgery, who has been successfully performing this procedure, but he does not accept insurance.

Before Vera's hip replacements failed and her pelvis began eroding, she worked as a healthcare administrator. An accident forced her into early retirement with no pension and no means of support other than state disability. Over the years, her savings went on medical costs and living expenses, and she is not financially able to pay the doctor's fee for the only surgery that can save her life. For one and a half years, Vera tried unsuccessfully to use crowdfunding sources, such as GoFundMe, Give Forward and You Caring. Most people think these sites are fraudulent, and she does not blame them for hesitating to make a donation. However, while many people may hesitate to help a stranger with a donation, most people shop online in stores they trust, like Macy's, Wal-Mart, Target and other popular stores. When someone makes a purchase from one of these merchants through an affiliate site, like NewsBytesandBits.com, the merchant pays the affiliate a small percentage of the sale, on average, one to three percent. The shopper has absolutely no financial interaction with NewsBytesandBits.com; the store handles the entire transaction. Since Vera has exhausted all other options, I pray this site can help her raise the funds needed for her surgery before it is too late.

The failure of Vera's previous surgeries was due to the stem portion of each hip replacement breaking through her pelvis and leaving a large hole. Doctors patched the holes with bone grafts, but they became larger prior to each subsequent surgery. Eventually, the damage became so extensive there were no longer any surgical procedures that could repair her pelvis. However, some good did come from Vera's surgeries. Researchers discovered that a healthy pelvis is needed prior to surgery to secure the longevity of a hip replacement. A large portion of failed hip replacements occurred in patients who, like Vera, had pelvic damage prior to surgery.

While Vera would prefer having a time-tested procedure instead of running the risk of another failure, she no longer has any choice. This is the only surgery that can save her life. If it fails like the others, before she dies, she will know that she did all that was possible to live.

If you see any item on this site that interests you, I hope you will make a purchase. Yours may be the one that saves Vera's life. Thank you for reading her story. God Bless.

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