Politics Bad Seeds

Politics is a vicious game, and the only losers are the governed. Democrats, politics bad seeds, have a long history of corruption and taking advantage of the needy, the uninformed and the undereducated for political gain. Election tampering is not new to Democrats. In the early nineteenth century, Irish immigrants were an easy target for corrupt Tammany Hall Democrats. They carted immigrants by the truckload to polling places, helping each of them to cast multiple illegal votes to ensure a Democrat win. Individuals casting multiple votes at several polling places still occurs as evidenced by the 2016 elections. Fortunately, in this election, it did not affect the outcome.

African Americans were another targeted group. The African Americans were another targeted group. The proliferation of slavery was a Democrat atrocity. The 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, received 100% of its support from Republicans and 23% from Democrats. Fortunately, the veil of deceit eventually was shredded. With Democrat use and abuse exposed, most African Americans no longer blindly follow Dems with their hands extended to catch the crumbs of welfare, unemployment and despair.

Democrats have now turned their evil eye toward a new trusting and unsuspecting group - immigrants. They ply this group with the familiar tools of welfare and food stamps, and offer them the "protection" of sanctuary cities where they can reside without fear of deportation. Illegals eagerly await the opportunity to vote in American elections. Unfortunately, casting an illegal vote does not miraculously extend citizenship. The United States is a nation of laws, which support the strong, cohesive foundation upon which stands one of the greatest countries in the world. While most immigrants work and are self-supporting, like the immigrants in the days of Tammany Hall, many of today's immigrants receive housing, food and a monthly check to become Democrat pawns; and, out of gratitude, many allegedly cast illegal votes for their benefactors. An immigrant study, as reported by Tom Fitton, shows that most illegal voters tend to vote Democrat. Meanwhile, Dems try to cover their corruption by demonizing Republicans as the "bad guys" when they insist immigrants enter the country legally, assimilate and earn their keep. America was built on the backs of immigrants who worked hard and spilled blood, because they knew the freedom and independence America had to offer was invaluable. Nothing of value can ever be earned by living off the dole.

A brief description of each political party would declare Democrats as inherently "corrupt and despicable" and Republicans as "terminal fools," or shills for Democrats.

There is no two-party system in U.S. government; there are only Dems and their lackeys. There can never be two parties when one surreptitiously creates pitfalls to cast shame, doubt and blame on the other party with the objective of damaging its opposition's credibility. Republicans exist to serve as a backboard off which Dems can bounce their lies to see which misses the basket or scores.

RINO's represent another lie; notice, there are no DINO's. Politicians often referred to as RINO's, like John McCain, are allowed to operate under the Republican banner. It is conceivable that they are Democrat plants posing as Republicans to impede, disrupt and sabotage Republican agenda, proposals and policies. While this sounds like conspiracy theory, given McCain's record, it deserves some thought before dismissing it. Unfortunately, neither party has bylaws that allow them to expel obvious infiltrators; voters must assume that task. However, voters have enough of a burden just considering their own and their communities' needs without the necessity of being concerned with government shenanigans.

Criticism and debate strengthen the backbone of government. It is up to the voters to remove from office any elected official who dedicates his position to defying the opposition for the sole purpose of preventing them from doing the job voters elected them to do. Such sleazy behavior has no place in the United States government.

The incessant false accusations leveled against President Trump are a perfect example of Democrat duplicity and corruption. Democrats believe that when you inundate public perception with a lie, the truth becomes questionable. In time, most people will remember only the lies, not the source or circumstances. History eventually discloses many "truths" as falsehoods or distorted memories.

The anti-American agitator, and Democrat cohort, Soros, in his quest to fulfill his long-time goal of taking down the United States of America, allegedly pays groups of violent thugs to demonstrate, commonly against Republicans or their policies. These paid thugs cause physical harm and destroy private and public property. It is more than a goal for Soros; it is a maniacal obsession, which he allegedly passed along to his son. As far-fetched as it sounds now, Democrats hope to use Soros' hate for America to fulfill their own sinister fantasy of a one-party system of government with each Dem having his own piece of the pie. Actually, even though the Republican Party still exists, Dems have already fulfilled their desire.

Soros's arrogance compels him to take pride in his evil deeds. Without admitting guilt, he rationalizes his involvement in the anarchistic acts of violence that endanger decent, hard-working Americans and their families. Soros's actions inflict needless financial burdens on individuals, businesses, the economy of the areas destroyed by his thugs and has a spillover effect on the rest of the country. The first Amendment protects peaceful protests and demonstrations, but the Constitution neither sanctions nor protects mobs paid to commit acts of anarchy and violence. It is time to put an end to the Soros "reign of terror."

For decades, Democrats have been connected to all that is harmful, painful, violent and destructive to the Untied States. The infamous Clinton crime family puts the mafia and Soros to shame with their alleged criminal acts. Somehow, Democrats, especially the Clinton's, always manage to escape punishment for their offenses.